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  • Christmas Live 2020

    A live retelling of the Christmas story to kick of Christmas with a blast.

    Villiers Square, Douglas

    6.00pm and 7.30pm on Thursday 17 December 2020

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  • About the

    Douglas Churches


    We work together in a few ways - here are some of them.


    Serving Need

    We're looking for ways that we, as churches, can work together to serve need, no questions asked.

    We believe that God is love, and wants all people to be able to live happy, full, fulfilled lives, and that God is concerned about the environment.

    We believe that churches need to partner with each other in meeting need wherever we see it.


    We do it because it's the right thing to do, and from a motivation of love for God and for humanity.


    God awareness

    We're talking about ways that we can speak appropriately and vibrantly about God, and about what God thinks about humanity.


    We believe that there are unlimited creative, inventive and engaging ways we can tell the Christian story and give out the Christian challenge of following Jesus today, and all that means.



    We also believe that there are ways we can work together to offer people opportunities to meet with God in infinite contemporary contexts and experiences.


    Wherever people choose to want to delve deeper into knowing and experiencing God, we want to signpost them to the most appropriate churches for them to be able to thrive.

  • Authentic Lives

    AL is a 2 day course that runs all over the world. It's a course aimed at anyone who wants to answer the three biggest questions:

    "Who Am I?"

    "Where Am I Going?"

    "How Do I Get There?"

    We run the course for free twice a year - once 2 days back-to-back and mid-week, and once 2 saturdays a week apart. We will run it more frequently, is there is demand.

    We only accept up to 14 people per course, to give the most impact for the delegates.


    If you're interested in when these courses might be running, sign up through the form link below, and you'll be put onto our email group - which you can unsubscribe from at the bottom of every single email :)

  • Interested in making a prayer space in the town centre a possibility?

    A 24/7 Prayer Space

  • Community Prayer Spaces

    Community prayer spaces are huge. Wherever they are set up they are filled with ordinary people coming in to light candles for loved ones, to write prayerful poetry, draw or paint prayer filled art, take time out to be silent, and more.


    We are working on what a Douglas Prayer Space could look like, and the idea will be to set one up right in Strand Street somewhere in 2020. Yes, that's this year!


    If this floats your boat and you'd like to either be involved in helping to man it, set it up, pack it down, plan it, or simply just to come along and pray in it for however long ... just watch this space or contact us using the contact form.


    worship experiences

    Worship experiences for people of all churches and those exploring faith.

    Worship Experiences

    Creative spaces to explore faith or deepen it.

    As part of what the Douglas Churches are doing, we want to deepen relationships between churches, explore ways of worship that might breathe fresh life back into our existing places of worship, and pray together for Douglas.


    So - the Douglas Churches have given their assent to Rev Alex putting on regular worship experiences open to anyone from any church, and designed for those investigating faith also.

    Fresh Spaces

    Accessible and fresh.

    We run ASSENT worship experiences in a variety of spaces. We have run them in a number of local church spaces, and have started also running them in local cafe spaces.


    Staging worship events outside of traditional buildings brings a fresh feel, gives us more ability to be creative in what we deliver, and hopefully makes it easier for those investigating or exploring their own faith journeys to attend.


    Doing things in a new way.

    ASSENT experiences will probably engage with music, speaking, prayer and the Bible in some form, but what that looks like will not be traditional.


    We have used drama, contemporary stories of God at work, performances, song, music, poetry, drawing, symbol, incense, silence, discussion, and even an empty luggage case in the past, and look to continue to have the form of our experiences match the message and the outworking as much as possible.

  • Link to the ASSENT facebook page

    If you want to link in to the ASSENT page, here you go!

  • The Planning and Oversight Group

    Douglas Churches

    Town Centre Partnership

  • Who's in this partnership?

    The Douglas Churches Town Centre Partnership was originally made up of the churches represented by having a physical presence (a regular church congregation) that met in Douglas town centre, and wanted to work together. We are examining how wide we can practically make this partnership, but the things we will put on are open to any church from anywhere on the Island to get involved with if they feel their congregations engage in Douglas enough to want to be involved.


    The churches currently represented are:

    The Church of England

    The Baptist Church

    The Catholic Church

    The Methodist Church

    The Salvation Army

    Living Hope Church

    The United Reformed Church.


    Church leaders from all of those demoninations currently meet to talk and pray about working with each other in Douglas. Different churches then engage in different projects, as they feel appropriate.

  • Want to contact us?

    Go ahead, if you want to float an idea to us, or meet someone for a cuppa, fill in this contact form, and we can make sure you're in the loop about everything.


    It may be that you want to get involved in planning something, or you have seen a need and want to bring it to our attention - please, please get in touch.


    For the partnership to work, we want as many ideas as we can get.


    Our task is to sift through them, find the key streams, discern God's timing on the 'now' ideas, and then together make them happen.