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  • The Douglas Churches Partnership?

    The Douglas Churches Partnership was originally made up of the churches represented by having a physical presence (a regular church congregation) that met in Douglas town centre, and wanted to work together.


    We are examining how wide we can practically make this partnership, but the things we will put on are open to any church from anywhere on the Island to get involved with if they feel their congregations engage in Douglas enough to want to be involved.


    The churches currently represented are:

    The Church of England

    The Baptist Church

    The Catholic Church

    The Methodist Church

    The Salvation Army

    Living Hope Church

    The United Reformed Church.


    Church leaders from all of those denominations currently meet as co-workers together, to talk and pray about working with each other in Douglas. Different churches then engage in different projects, as they feel appropriate.

  • Photo of the stage at Christmas Live

    Christmas Live

    Christmas Live has been a live re-telling of the Nativity story, using live animals, actors, volunteers from the crowd, music from the salvation army, a secret choir, and special guest appearances. We won't be running this event this year (2023), but here's a link to its own website for you to take a gander.

  • 2023 Easter Sunrise Service had 4 monologue dramas written for it.
    If you'd like to read them, or use them, here they are.

    4 Easter Monologues

  • Want to contact us?

    Go ahead, if you want to float an idea to us, or meet someone for a cuppa, fill in this contact form, and we can make sure you're in the loop about everything.


    It may be that you want to get involved in planning something, or you have seen a need and want to bring it to our attention - please, please get in touch.


    For the partnership to work, we want as many ideas as we can get.


    Our task is to sift through them, find the key streams, discern God's timing on the 'now' ideas, and then together make them happen.