• Rev. Alex Brown (Ordained Pioneer Minister, Church of England)

    We'd love to hear from you!

    Hi, I'm Rev. Alex, and we'd love to hear from you in some way. The wonders of technology mean there are loads of different ways we can get in contact ... but the best by far is actually meeting in person.


    So, by all means get in touch by facebook, messenger, email, text, WhatsApp, letter, postcard or by sending us a little present. All nice. You can sign up to our church newsletter too, and we would love you to do that. Ultimately, let's grab a tea, coffee and cake (definitely the cake), and get to know each other more. Talking face to face is so good.

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    Our pioneer Facebook page is here, so you will see the last few Facebook posts without even having to 'do' the dreaded Facebook yourself!However, should you want to, just click on these entries and you'll be technologically whisked off to the site.From there, you can message us through Messenger or Facebook (they're kind of the same).

  • More traditional ways to be in touch

    You can, of course, write, phone or text us!

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    Send us a text on

    07624 428053

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    Trinity House

    Marathon Avenue


    Isle of Man

    IM2 4JA

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    WhatsApp us on

    07624 428053