• Welcome to Pioneer

    Hi there.

    Our site is broken into three main parts.


    A fresh way of doing and being church together

    We have been experimenting together as a small community to figure out how we can be church in fresh, new, invigorating ways. If you're interested in exploring faith in a community of people working to bring out of each other the essence of who God has made us to be, to know God, and to transform the world around us, we could be what you're looking for.

    We love helping people find and grow in faith - and then either stay with us, or find a more traditional church setting that fits them better.


    Working ecumenically in Douglas Town Centre

    Rev Alex Brown is employed by the Church of England, but a major part of his role is released to work with all of the churches in Douglas, of all denominations. We do things like "Christmas Live" - a large event networking all denominations together to tell the Christmas story. We are working together to see how we can, serve the needs of the town, and enable people who want to find God, to do just that! Find out about who the town centre partnership are, what we are planning together, and how you can get involved.


    Sharing what we do with everyone, for free.

    Pioneer is also tasked with sharing what we are doing with the world. We will be making resources for anyone to use, and we will be sharing the lessons we've been learning along the way in various forms.

  • The Divine Invitation

    Take a couple of minutes to slow down with this.

  • So check us out!

    Below here is how to contact us, and contacting our safeguarding person - but all else is above under the tabs.

  • Contacting Alex

    Go on, send me a message and link up for a chat some time.

    You + us = awesome.