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    Hi there.

    Welcome to our site, all about Pioneer.

    We're multiple communities who want to explore or deepen Christian faith together.

    We're designed mainly for people who don't want to 'do faith' in a traditional way.

    We're also designed for people who live, work, or play in Douglas (Isle of Man).

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    A fresh way of doing and being church together

    We have been experimenting together as a small community to figure out how we can be church in fresh, new, invigorating ways. If you're interested in exploring faith in a community of people working to bring out of each other the essence of who God has made us to be, to know God, and to transform the world around us, we could be what you're looking for.


    We love helping people find and grow in faith - and then either stay with us, or find a more traditional church setting that fits them better.

    The Douglas marina

    Working ecumenically in Douglas Town Centre

    As part of Pioneer, we are passionate about working together with other churches across the Island, particularly in Douglas where we are based. We actively work for this.


    We do things like "Christmas Live" - a large event networking all denominations together to tell the Christmas story. We are working together to see how we can, serve the needs of the town, and enable people who want to find God, to do just that! Find out about who the town centre partnership are, what we are planning together, and how you can get involved.

    Set of still clips from our video selections such as a man at a gate, an old church and a man talking to camera.

    Sharing what we do with everyone, for free.

    Part of our DNA is also to be sharing what we are doing with the world. If what we do helps breathe life into other communities (like we have also benefitted from others), then all the better.


    Freely we have received, so freely we give.


    We will be making resources for anyone to use, and we will be sharing the lessons we've been learning along the way in various forms. As part of that we make videos, written resources and music resources. All of these are available either for free, or at as low cost as possible.


    All of them are also intended for reuse by anyone, with creative commons copyright in place.

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    There's also a section with loads of ways to contact us.

    Phone details, address, sign-up forms, newsletter info, facebook and messenger details and links. You name it, we have it all in the same place.

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