• Below are some resources.


    Our Easter resources are first - three of them.

    Video resources are next, with links to them in helpful groups.

    Written resources (with links to our Print on demand books);

    Music resources (with links to our teeny music resources).


    Hope they build your faith.

    Check them out.

  • Prayer Labyrinth

    Every so often, we will be re-creating this prayer labyrinth.

    An interactive journey through a piece of the Bible,

    divided up into a number of gentle, open and challenging devotions.


    Time to hear the passage, reflect and then pray.

    Here's the current labyrinth.

  • Jump to the chapters here too


    An invitation for families to share an adventure, and experience the themes of the Easter story.


    Yes, click the link below, and you'll find the location where (eventually) all 12 chapters will be. Each is only 3-5 mins long, and comes as a highly engaging doodle-animation. The invitation is to grab a drink, sit as a family, watch the story chapters one, or two at a time, and talk through the themes in the video description. Simple.

  • Take a look below at a set of video resources.

    Each one has a link in to that set of videos

    on our VIMEO page.

    Video resources

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    A bunch of videos that take you gently through one of the most famous parts of the New Testament - Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount".

    Click me.

    Tripple-cooked Ephesians

    A short series unpacking the message behind a letter to a forming church community in the first century, and what that might mean today.

    Go on, click on me.

    Tripple-seeded Galatians

    A short series of videos, re-wording of a truly ancient spiritual letter written to a growing new church over 2,000 years ago.

    Click to have a gander.


    A bunch of beauty here! Turn off your phone, put the kettle on, grab a blank journal, and use one of these to stop, be with God, and ask him to speak.

    Click to see it all


    10 all-age episodes and two songs which can be used for anything you'd like. Written for a 'beach mission' holiday club, but usable in sunday schools, kids church, as a family, and more.

    Click here to go there.


    A few short dramas which open up passages from the Bible. All sharable and usable personally or in church.

    Give it a go by clicking


    Our largest selection of videos - moments to help us all stop, take stock of the world, think about the Bible, our lives, and how we live out a Jesus-shaped culture.

    You'd love to click here, go on.

    Sticky Stories

    A set of modern day stories of God on the move. Super short, snappy and real.

    You know this is the place to click

    Supernatural Gifts

    A short set of videos which explore a stunning list of gifts outlined for one of the first ever churches that existed. Here, we take one gift at a time and explore what it means then and now.

    We invite you to click.

    The Divine Invitation

    Following the written resource of the same name, this will eventually be one video for every chapter of the book which outlines PIONEER's values.

  • The Easter Story

    Use this link to download our re-wording of the Easter Story to listen to. This is the finished version (script and soundscape), but if you swipe across, you'll find the script on its own.

    The Easter Story

    Use this link to download our re-wording of the Easter Story to listen to. This is the 'naked script' version (just the script), but if you swipe across, you'll find the script with an atmospheric soundscape.

  • Written Resources

    Sometimes we make our teaching stuff into resources for anyone to pick up and run with.

    Check it out here, and follow the link to any you like.

    It's all print on demand technology, and we have kept things as cheap as possible.

  • Deliciously triple-cooked EPHESIANS

    A fresh re-wording of this 2000 year old ancient letter to a newly established church. With space on each page to journal or doodle, a brilliant way to get into the book of Ephesians.

  • Deliciously triple-seeded


    A fresh re-wording of this 2000 year old ancient letter to a newly established church. With space on each page to journal or doodle, a brilliant way to get into the book of Galatians.

  • The Divine Invitation

    - An invitation to humanity -

    Volume one.


    Released on Saturday 21 March 2020 (in the Churches Bookshop, Douglas, Isle of Man), this is the first of three volumes that seek to open up just what it is that God is inviting humanity into. Who could we be, and how does God want the world to look?


    Each volume is just 10 short chapters, written beautifully and inspirationally, with loads of stories of how God is at work today and how that directly links to how God has always been at work as outlined in the Bible.


    To order your copy from blurb.co.uk (a print on demand site), just hit the order button, and pay, and about a week later your book will arrive!

  • Music

    Below here is our slowly building music collection - it's all rough and ready, but we hope it inspires you.

    Feel free to take any of it and use it anywhere you like - in churches, schools, cars, at home, building sites, gyms, radio, tv - on your own videos ... anywhere.


    We'll start with the lyrics video for our latest piece of music.

    none so rich (open up)

    Inspired by the explosion of faith amidst tension of the early church.

  • None so rich (open up)

    Inspired by the international explosion of the early church - the events of Jesus life, death and resurrection, and then the spontaneous response of those there for the festival of Passover. This song is celtic in feel, and inspirational. Feel free to take and use without any worry anywhere you like, and if you'd like to buy it, minimum donation of £1 would be lovely.

  • Rise and Live (Easter 2020)

    Rise and Live - a song to the tune of Bread of Heaven, written inspired by the story of Lazarus.

    Easter 2020

    Feel free to have a listen, and to use it in your churches if you so desire.

  • And more resources to come.

    We're working on some other resources.

    Bear with us.

    We want them to be exceptional.


    Watch this space.