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    It's in 3 sections:

    Video resources (with a link to the Vimeo Site);

    Written resources (with links to our Print on demand books);

    Music resources (with links to our teeny music resources).


    Hope they build your faith.

    Check them out.

  • Our Vimeo Site

    We have a growing library of video material on our Vimeo site.

    Here's a taster of what you can find, and which 'showcases' (or groups of videos) might interest you.


    Material that enables generations to grow together.

    We have just started to create material that a whole family, even 3 generations, could sit and watch together. It's fast moving, fun, and lively, but doesn't talk down. The aim is to also give inspiring material which will enable God-centred conversations to happen long after the video is over.


    The power of drama.

    The Bible is written over 75% as narrative - yes, that's story! That's because one of the chief ways we make sense of God is not through lists of beliefs, but through God's real interactions with humanity. So, we aim to bring you powerful drama monologues from people through the Bible whose lives have been touched and transformed by God. It's a small, but growing collection.


    Engaging short talks.

    Taking our lead from the TED talks generation, a large, and growing series of short talks, which explore the challenge of the Christian worldview. We take the Bible and explore its many layers of meaning in simple, but not simplistic short talks.


    Space to stop, and allow God to be God.

    Our lives are hectic, and often so driven, we forget that what God really wants is simply us - our availability, vulnerability and love. These are designed as very short spaces where we can allow time to pause, engage with a passage of the Bible, and let God speak for himself.

    supernatural gifts

    A group of videos around the supernatural gifts God gives freely to believers.

    This series unpacks one of the most famous passages of the Bible "the spiritual gifts" in 1 Corinthians 12-14, from the Christian New Testament. With one video speaking about each of the gifts listed, these are inspirational but challenging.


    Taken from our written resource below.

    Quite simply, this is the whole of the book of Ephesians (a letter to a church in the New Testament), re-worded for today. Alex takes his 3 theology qualifications, and his years teaching, training and lecturing, and puts them into good use. Find 12 shorter episodes, or the entire book in one go. Directly word for word from the journal below.


    Taken from our written resources below.

    This is a rewording of the letter that a church pioneer (Paul) wrote to a baby church in Northern Turkey. In the letter, Paul fights his corner for the integrity of the Christian message. We've given it to you, re-phrased, either in 11 bite sized chunks (Bite-sized Galatians), or as the full thing in one take. If you want to, you can also buy yourself a copy of the journalling book with the full script in.

    OUTSIDE-IN family material

    10 dramas written as discussion-starters for kids.

    Originally used for the Port St Mary Beach Mission 2020 (online material), these can be used for 10 weeks of a church group, or a 2 week holiday club, or sunday school material, or just to watch at home as a family. Also includes 2 'hit singles' and their pop-videos to go with them. If you wanted to advertise your club, there's also a short 'advert' that you can take and edit to fit your needs.

    the divine invitation

    Companion to the book.

    This set of talks springs up as a companion to the book "The divine invitation" below. The book is volume one of the spiritual values we believe God wants for every Christian community and individual (God's Kingdom). Easily watchable as individual talks, and fit with the book perfectly. Not all ten are there yet, but we're getting there.

    sticky stories

    A library of short personal encounters with God

    Named after Rev Alex's story stick, covered in symbols, dates, words and pictures, this is a collection of stories of God at work today. The Bible seems to constantly ask us to remember what God has done both in history and in our lives today. Often Christians can be great at talking about God in history, and not so much about our lives. So here's a library of 'testimonials' or 'testimonies' - God at work today.

    spiritual integrity

    4 short videos re-wording the sermon on the mount

    Still considered one of the most influential messages of all human history, we have re-worded the Sermon on the Mount (originally given by Jesus), and presented it here in an accessible and watchable form. Hopefully it remains as challenging today as it was back then.

  • Vimeo Site

    So, if you like the sound of any of those showcases of talks, hit the link below and check them out.

    All of them are free, and available to download, share and use with no copyright.

  • Written Resources

    Sometimes we make our teaching stuff into resources for anyone to pick up and run with.

    Check it out here, and follow the link to any you like.

    It's all print on demand technology, and we have kept things as cheap as possible.

  • Deliciously triple-cooked EPHESIANS

    A fresh re-wording of this 2000 year old ancient letter to a newly established church. With space on each page to journal or doodle, a brilliant way to get into the book of Ephesians.

  • Deliciously triple-seeded


    A fresh re-wording of this 2000 year old ancient letter to a newly established church. With space on each page to journal or doodle, a brilliant way to get into the book of Galatians.

  • The Divine Invitation

    - An invitation to humanity -

    Volume one.


    Released on Saturday 21 March 2020 (in the Churches Bookshop, Douglas, Isle of Man), this is the first of three volumes that seek to open up just what it is that God is inviting humanity into. Who could we be, and how does God want the world to look?


    Each volume is just 10 short chapters, written beautifully and inspirationally, with loads of stories of how God is at work today and how that directly links to how God has always been at work as outlined in the Bible.


    To order your copy from blurb.co.uk (a print on demand site), just hit the order button, and pay, and about a week later your book will arrive!

  • Music

    Below here is our slowly building music collection - it's all rough and ready, but we hope it inspires you.

    Feel free to take any of it and use it anywhere you like - in churches, schools, cars, at home, building sites, gyms, radio, tv - on your own videos ... anywhere.


    We'll start with the lyrics video for our latest piece of music.

    none so rich (open up)

    Inspired by the explosion of faith amidst tension of the early church.

  • None so rich (open up)

    Inspired by the international explosion of the early church - the events of Jesus life, death and resurrection, and then the spontaneous response of those there for the festival of Passover. This song is celtic in feel, and inspirational. Feel free to take and use without any worry anywhere you like, and if you'd like to buy it, minimum donation of £1 would be lovely.

  • Rise and Live (Easter 2020)

    Rise and Live - a song to the tune of Bread of Heaven, written inspired by the story of Lazarus.

    Easter 2020

    Feel free to have a listen, and to use it in your churches if you so desire.

  • And more resources to come.

    We're working on some other resources.

    Bear with us.

    We want them to be exceptional.


    Watch this space.