• Pioneer

    New ways of being and doing church communities.

    Under the authority and guidance of the Church of England.

  • Value 1/10: Love

    We want to create communities that genuinely love God and each other, whether that be easy and natural, or more difficult.

    Value 2/10: God with us.

    We want to grow communities that actively look for signs that Jesus is among us, in each other, and in everyone our church communities encounter all week.

    Value 3/10: The Bible.

    We want to explore the beauty and depth of the Bible. We want to do it in contemporary, creative ways.

    Value 4/10: Community

    We believe that we are designed for community. So we build into community wherever we are, faith communities, and local community groups.

    Value 5/10: Rest

    We believe God calls us to rest spiritually and practically - to slow down, be with God and each other, and to simple be.

    Value 6/10: God-focus

    We aim to remain open to God's voice as he leads us in how we meet, where, when and what we do. We value tradition, but hold it lightly - even our own.

    Value 7/10: Restoration

    We believe God (through Jesus) longs to restore the brokenness in ourselves and in the world around us. We long to become spiritual communities that are restored personally and in society.

    Value 8/10: Creativity

    We believe that our communities need to embrace creativity in all of its forms.

    Value 9/10: Hearing God

    The Bible is our primary source for understanding God, but he can and will speak through anyone. The qualification is not intelligence, training or age - the qualification is faith and a relationship with Jesus.

    Value 10/10: Miracles

    We believe that God is not just a Christian theory, but a living reality. We want to grow communities that expect God to move. We pray for the miraculous in our everyday lives.

  • Here's how we do faith together

    SOUL Keeills.


    Anyone who wants to be part of the Pioneer extended community is free to come and go through any of the ways we meet up. You can come as a visitor, to get the low down, come to try us out, come occasionally, or come to everything all the time. They're designed, however, so that you might find one or two ways that you feel really grow your faith, and you end up settling there.


    The word Keeill is an ancient Manx word, meaning place of worship, or sacred place.


    Our firm belief is that anyone who opens themselves up to God becomes a mobile place of worship, and that in coming together, we somehow intensify that reality. Here are the SOUL Keeills currently meeting, and more expressions are on their way. They're designed to last as long as there is a need for them.

    Saturday SOUL Keeill

    Saturday Nights child-free!

    Saturday evenings, with tea and toast, gathered around a table. We natter about life, involve music, look at the Bible, laugh and pray with each other.


    Inter-generational Sunday afternoons.

    Everyone bundles in - all ages are welcome and needed. Fun, laughter, indoors and out, thinking about the Bible with active learning for everyone, all ending with a delicious meal together and time to pray. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone takes part.


    Space to create, breathe, and be.

    A community of creatives who gather together whenever. Music, art, reflection space, and delicious food make this a special, slow place to breathe again.

    Adventure Keeill

    A building-free zone!

    Ask most people where they meet God easily, and they say in the wild. Adventure Keeill explores Christian spirituality the way the ancients did - out, all weathers, up hills, in rivers, building walls, planting trees and more.

    The CHOSEN

    A temporary keeill room to watch the show.

    This multi-season series about the lives of those who followed Jesus is utterly amazing. They're currently making season 3, and so far views are over 230 million. Come to St. John's Mill for free and watch season 1 with us over 8 weeks. Simply watch, then chat (with lovely refreshments). Easy, honest and open.

    Details are here.

    More to come

    The only limit is our creativity.

    There are no limits on the amount of creativity we can pour in to how we grow as modern disciples together. We're currently exploring a walking group, a traditional and contemplative group, and more. Watch this space, or send us ideas!

    Working together

    That would be an ecumenical matter.

    A central part of our church DNA is that we firmly believe we're not the be-all-and-end-all of Christianity. God is working incredibly through Christians of all 'brands' (denominations) and so we actively work to promote unity, to do things together, and to push past our differences.

  • Want to get involved?

    We're really low-pressure, but deeply committed.

    If you're interested in either exploring faith with us for the first time, or reconnecting through one of our communities, the first step is to meet one of us (probably Rev Alex, but not necessarily) for a coffee, a snack and a natter. Please do get in touch, even if its just another excuse for Alex to eat something!

    Never done this before.

    Feel like you're searching, but have no church experience.

    You're far from alone, in fact if you're under 35, you're probably in the majority on the Isle of Man right now. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page, and meet Rev Alex for a coffee somewhere. We'll be able to talk together about your search, your questions, what you feel God may be doing in you, and what we (or someone else) could do that might help you grow towards God. It'll all be at your own pace, and in ways you can easily access.

    Have done this before.

    Feeling drawn back to church after a gap.

    For a few people, the safe space of our small communities has been exactly what they needed to feel their way back to faith after a sad experience, or a bad experience. Sometimes church has been the problem, but not always. Let us be a healing space for you to come back in at your own pace, and then either stay with us, or move to a more traditional form of church that will suit you better.

    Wanting inspiration.

    Part of a church, but wanting inspiration.

    We would want you to stay in the church you're currently part of, but you're welcome to watch what we do, even come and visit, as long as the goal is to get fired up, inspired, and to take that back to your home church community. We would love it if what we did brought extra life and energy. We have been tasked to be a church that truly builds in to others, no questions asked, no hidden agenda. We are all God's church - one church, one body, one Spirit. We want to live that way.

  • Church Diary

    We will try to get things up here well in advance, so that we all know what's going on.

    There may not be all the information you would like on the diary, just message us, email, or contact us some other way to get to the right paces at the right time!

  • Contact Us

    So get in touch for a natter, a cuppa and probably a snack of some kind.

    Either fill in this contact form to email us, or sign up to our news (below).

    Let's discern between us what God's saying to you and where you fit, and let's allow life to flow through it all.

  • Pilgrimage

    Journeying together with a God-centred compass is really important to us at Pioneer.

    So is working with other churches.

    "Praying the Keeills" is a group on the Isle of Man who have been together way longer than Pioneer Church has been in existence. Each year, people from all different Christian traditions (and some from none) meet together to walk the ancient Manx Keeills (not our groups!). They walk, talk, and pray together for a week in the summer.


    Here's a link to their excellent website.

    Well worth a visit.