Almost everything you need to know about making this inter-church dream into a reality.

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  • What is PRAYSPACE ?

    Here's what we know.


    It's about community.

    Our aim is that people from any church, or no church, can come into an ethos which enables us all to be able to pray in a way that is comfortable for you.

    To pray silently and alone.

    To pray quietly or aloud.

    To pray with someone else.


    It's about prayer.

    Not hard to figure out, but most importantly it is a space designed to enable us to pray.

    There will be ideas, requests, specific areas, couches, creative things, reflective space and more.


    It's about space.

    The name kind of gives that away, but for so many of us, we need a space set aside to actually get on and pray, so this is one.


    It's about unity.

    This is a space designed and run by a number of churches together. Pioneer church are facilitating it, but it is 'owned' collectively.


    It's easy to find.

    Not shut away somewhere random, but in as public a space as possible, with easy access and shops nearby.


    It's creative and accessible.

    Praying shouldn't be a massive ordeal, so there will be creative space, and areas for kids/young people to engage too.

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    Want to help make this real?

    If you're thinking of volunteering, use this sign up form link.
    Thanks in advance.
    Signing this form doesn't tie you in, just enables you to choose.

  • What will it be like?

    The team are still working on this ... but these are our initial concepts.


    As you come into the space we hope to have refreshments, couches and a welcomer who will show you round, and help you feel at ease.


    The different spaces we are designing will be creative and immersive - so some will have information on that people and places have asked we pray about, other spaces will have ways for us to write prayers of our own, or candles to light, or space to paint/draw/sculpt prayerfully.


    There will be space for all ages and abilities to be able to pray, and everyone is welcome from any background. Our guidelines for keeping the space safe for everyone will revolve around disruptive or abusive/threatening behaviour, drink or drugs. Our welcomers will be trained to spot unsafe behaviour so that the space remains safe for everyone.


    Whilst most of the space is designed for people to pray as individuals, either silently, or aloud, either with traditional tools and language, or spontaneously - there will be one area set aside as a companion area. If people choose to sit there, they are communicating that they want someone to come and talk or pray with them. At all other times, unless someone appears distressed, you will be left to your own prayerful devices!

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    We have a facebook group that gets prayer updates and news.

    If you'd like to join it - hit the link right here.