A Christmas Competition to find Jesus and get him safely home!

  • Jesus needs to be found

    We've hidden loads of little 'Jesus Rocks' rocks all over the Isle of Man.

    If you find them, tell us, and you may well win a prize.

    They look a little like this.

    Okay, so truth be told it was a total mix of adults and kids who painted these little babies, so some of them are more like blobs than others - but you get the idea. Jesus as a baby, wrapped up in cloths, blah blah.

    You need to find one, and tell us about it.

    If you've found one - well done. Take a selfie of you with the little one, and then either take him home for Christmas, or hide him again somewhere else. Check out the 'rules' below.

  • How It Works

    How to win a prize.


    Find Jesus

    Find one of the rocks with Jesus painted on.


    Selfie Heaven

    Grab a selfie with you and the main baby himself.


    Let us know

    Send your selfie to us by posting it on our Facebook page, or emailing it.


    Random winner

    On Christmas eve we will pick a winner, and let them know who they are.

  • Here's the link to our facebook page for you.

    To make it all super-duper easy to enter and win, here's the link to the facebook page. If you hate facebook, just email us, or whatsapp us - all that is available at the contacts section of the site.